Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Since I first moved to London from Brighton 11 or so years ago (cripes) I only really made friends through work for a long time.  I found a really good friend in my Aussie mate K through work, then later became closer to L from work too.  The rest were utterly lovely but destined to remain firmly in the pigeonhole of work colleagues. 
Then 8 years later I became a mum.  I was lucky enough to bond well with my NCT group (and fortunate to be able to afford it in the first place), and our group of 5 still meet as regularly as we can - but with 10 children between us this is getting less and less often as the new chaos of Life gets in the way.
But recently I have made perhaps the first true friend in all those years, C.  She is a mum at G's preschool and our friendship developed organically over a few months.  All of a sudden we are (I feel) really close and I could say anything to her.  I have made absolutely LOADS of acquaintances through being a friendly type carting a child or two around the place daily in the last 3 years.  Locally I can go to the library and see maybe five families I know.  It's lovely.  But C is that rare thing, a person who I would definitely have gelled with whether we had children or not. 
I feel so lucky and so boosted. 

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