Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Shuffling bunny-stealer alert

Still no chicken pox spots.  Holding my breath and praying (as only an atheist can) that we'll be spot-free until the end of our holiday next week.

Hilarious moment near bedtime tonight.  You had to be there but I'm putting it here to jog my memory in the future.  G was just dry from the bath and started to put on her pull-up but got distracted when it was only as far as her ankles. She decided to steal Plush Bunny from C's cot and run off to her own bedroom - except she could only shuffle because of the pull-up round her ankles.  She didn't think I had seen her so when I called her name she jumped about a foot in the air and screamed with delighted terror and shuffled even faster.  So bloody funny, I couldn't stop laughing. 


Plummy Mummy said...

Ah that made me laugh. Can just picture it now!

Lucia said...

Oh good, not just me then! x

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