Sunday, 11 March 2012

Westfield, Shepherd's Bush

I visited Westfield today to meet up with some friends. 
It was total bliss being without the girls, although I missed them dreadfully.
A much-needed catch up with two old school friends was had over brunch, and included such topics as speech therapy, nannies, childminders, schools, church, Jesus, God, eggs, gravadlax and how to pronounce it, weaning, hernias, tummies, jobs, and kitchens.
After I left them I wandered around the maze of shops.  It was totally overwhelming and an hour in I fled.  Too many shops, rich people, kids crying, overpriced everything. 
Beautiful blue sky today though, and I sat on top of the bus on the way home just because I didn't have a pushchair with me.
When I got home I hugged and squeezed my two little girls and didn't feel nearly as tired as I should on 5 fitful hours sleep (again).
Feeling it now though.

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