Thursday, 15 March 2012


It took a long time to warm up today but it sure was sunny.  Maybe I have a touch of SAD because sunny days usually perk me right up and I find myself full of gratitude.

C learnt to clap today which was delightful.  She beams so widely as she demonstrates it, clearly as proud as punch. 

G had another little friend round to play today.  Lessons in sharing were consolidated...somewhat...

Hoping for a better night than last night, and a later morning than this morning's 5am start.  Thank god for Adriano who gave me an extra hour even though he was knackered too.  It made the difference to my state of mind today for sure (along with the sunshine).

G has recently got really into a new CBeebies show: Tree Fu Tom.  I love that she's into it even though it seems to be aimed at slightly older boys. I love seeing her try to copy the actions.  I love seeing her grin when I make any reference to the show.  I love watching her face as she views it.  She's in love, basically.

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