Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Day 14 stapedectomy recovery

Yesterday was pretty horrible, I think largely because I only had about 3 hours sleep the night before (thanks, daughter no.2).  I woke up feeling as though I had been kicked in my ear, as though it was bruised, and the pain spread all the way down my neck across my collar bone and my shoulder.  That lasted all day: poor me, etc

Today has been much better so far; no aches and pain except the odd twinge.

Hearing-wise I think that some of the lower frequencies are pretty loud, and the high ones remain shrill and distorted.  Middle, I'm not sure, it's muffled, I think I'm missing just as much as before, if not more.  Holding out for lots of change for the better in the coming weeks/months.  Still feel lopsided.

I won't be able to update that much from now on because Adriano is going back to work tomorrow (booooo), so I'll not be able to have uninterrupted blogging time.  He's been great at letting me escape upstairs just when I need it.  I'll miss him loads, it feels like he's been off work forever. 

My big toes still hurt!  No clue what that's about!  Ridiculous!

In other news, G and C are doing great, and the house move is chugging along.  In fact the survey is being done today, so fingers crossed...

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