Thursday, 15 November 2012

Day 8 stapedectomy recovery

Had lots of twinges yesterday.  But no painkillers needed. 

Feel a bit better in myself today, although still the need to be generally restful what with 2 little kidlets around.

Was doing 'This little piggy' with C earlier and when it got to the bit that goes 'Weeweewee all the way home' and my voice went high-pitched, I experienced a weird moment where I could sort of hear my voice inside my operated-on ear in duplicate.  Really odd.  Maybe this is what others have described as a 'double tone'?

And for most of today there's been lots of popping inside my ear, and my heartbeat really loud and constant too.  Reassuring - I'm alive! But a little annoying to hear over.  Detracts from my usual tinnitus though. 

Had my first shower since the op.  I put vaseline over the cotton wool in my outer ear, and put cling film over the top of my ear so that I could wash my hair.  The cling film was wet afterwards in spite of my best efforts but I am 99% sure that no water went into my ear, so all good there.  Soooo good to have clean hair again.  It even inspired me to put my jeans on today instead of lope about in pyjamas.  So getting there, if slowly.

4 days until the packing comes out...

The job/moving decision has been made once and for all: we chose not to be sidetracked with 'the right job in the wrong place' and are carrying on as before with the recent house purchase stuff in Kent.  It was a really tricky one for Adriano and me but I believe we've made the right decision.  I'm glad that episode is over, it was horrible.

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