Friday, 16 November 2012

Day 9 stapedectomy recovery

Woke up with a stinking headache.  The heartbeat noise has gone.  I can definitely hear something from the operated-on ear now, although it's pretty distorted, especially when high-ish pitched.  For example if I whistle it's unbearable because I can hear an out-of-tune 'double tone' in that ear on top of the normal sound.  So shrill voices are no fun either; a bit tricky with an exuberant 3 year old.  I really really hope this irons itself out because otherwise I am going to have to change my career (music teacher).  I play piano and sing and it affects my mood for the worse if I don't get to do it for a while.  Not to mention listening to music.  I am worried. 

3 days until the packing is removed.  Am going to write a list of questions to ask the consultant, such as:

When can I safely lift my children again?
When can I swim again?
When can I expect the full result of the operation?  (Am guessing maybe 6 months?)
When is it OK for me to pinch my nose and breathe out to unblock my ears? (Some hard of hearing readers might know what I mean)

The main reason I am documenting this recovery in such detail is because I hope it is helpful to someone in the future who may be going through something similar.  Thank god for the internet.

Apart from a bizarre moment when I fell asleep sitting up today (I *never* do that!) my energy levels are improving and so is the dizziness.  Not totally better yet but definitely getting there.  Just short rests in bed now and then, and that's mostly just to give my ears and body a rest from my lovely energetic children.  Adriano is doing a fab job of looking after us all.

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