Sunday, 11 November 2012

Day 4 stapedectomy recovery

I've done quite a lot more today, including hanging out with the kids more, washing up, eating downstairs with everyone else, and a short walk to the shops at the end of our road.  It exhausted me though.  My achey neck and shoulders from yesterday have improved, everything else has stayed the same I would say.  Longing to get this packing out of my ear.  Still cannot hear very much at all and feel in a lopsided bubble.  On about 2 doses of painkillers per day now, which is quite a reduction.  When I try to go without I end up changing my mind, but I don't feel that the pain is dominant.  Ironically the deafness is probably the worst thing.  And the fatigue and feeling of having to protect myself all the time. 

Adriano is being fantastic with the girls.  He has a bad back and interview prep for tomorrow (don't get me started on that) so I wish I could help more.  Convalescing is not fun and I'm looking forward to some improvement soon. 

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